Illinois Witnesses Significant Surge in Malpractice Insurance Premiums: AMA Report

The American Medical Association has warned that the cost of malpractice insurance in certain states is increasing, including Illinois. These increased premiums are threatening access to health care for those areas experiencing the greatest bumps.

This report represents the fourth consecutive year of increasing premiums on medical liability insurance. Clinicians also face increased risks as states pass restrictive laws regarding abortion and gender affirming care.


According to the AMA, last year 36% of policies saw premiums increase by an average of 8.1%. This was the highest rate since 2005. In contrast, premiums decreased in 8% of the policies, as compared to 28.7% policies 10 years ago. In the period 2020-2022, approximately 30% of policies with medical liability experienced increases in premiums.

The report by Jose Guardado senior economist at the AMA stated that if current trends continue even if they are slower and less severe, the medical liability pressure may have adverse effects on the health care market. This could include an increase in defensive medicines, a decrease in physician supply and a reduction in access to care.

Florida, Illinois, and Pennsylvania saw premiums rise over the past decade while New Jersey and New York saw a decline. Illinois, New Mexico Oregon, Kansas South Dakota and Kentucky have seen liability premiums rise by more than 20 percent in 2022.